Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take Our Life Expectancy Quiz - the revolution -

I was watching The Revolution TV show today and they featured this Take Our Life Expectancy Quiz - the revolution -

'via Blog this'. I had taken a similar one a few months ago, but since my health outcome has improved drastically, and because I was so encouraged by positive things the nurses said about my state of health, I thought I would do an update to see if there was an upbeat change in the outcome of a new quiz. When I got my initial results, they only gave me a few months longer than my current age, although the test results do say, there's a 75% chance you could live longer. I was stunned, but quickly realized I had probably misunderstood something. Sure enough, when I looked at my answers, I had put in my height incorrectly. I looked like I was 5 inches tall. I'm surprised the test didn't deconstruct can this 5" person be living so long? Pardon me, but would you like a blind date with Tiny Tim? I kind of think even Tiny Tim was taller than 5". Anyway, once I made the corrections, I got a surprising 90 years result. Of course, it said if I would become a conditioning exerciser that I could increase that...not as much as I thought it would though. Considering that I'm recovering from 5 multiple surgeries in one right now, I'm not thinking that's going to happen any time soon. Right now, just walking across the floor is my conditioning exercise. Anyway, it's a thought provoking way to spend a few minutes. And watch out for those height requirements!